Music for Passover

Mah Nishtana The Four Questions from the CD "Mostly Matzah" by Fran Avni, sung by her children Shira (then age 8) and Ronit (then age 5.) Available at


Mah Nishtana, The Four Questions  (Real Audio)  from Andi Joseph's CD "It's Seder Time" available at and


Four questions Transliteration, translation, audio and Hebrew text  (Hear each question one at a time, helpful for learning)

Dayenu (RealAudio) ,  from Jill Moskowitz's CD "Miracles: Chanukah and Passover Songs for Kids" available at and at  Cassette available at  

Building Cities , recorded by Cindy Paley

Listen to the whole track and more of Cindy's holiday songs HERE at the amazing Judaica Sound Archives

Avadim Hayinu (RealAudio)  from Jill Moskowitz's CD "Miracles: Chanukah and Passover Songs for Kids" available at and at  Cassette available at  

Miriam's Song by Debbie Friedman, from the CD "Celebrate Passover" (click for more songs)   available at

The Plague Song by Debbie Friedman, from the 2-CD set,  "Carnegie Hall" available at or

The Frog Song from Paul Zim's CD "Seder Nights"    sheet music (pdf)

Go Down Moses performed by Alan Eder and Friends, from the CD "Reggae Passover" (click for more songs)

Chad Gadya   (and other Passover songs)  performed by Cantor Steven Haas, Temple Beth Sholom, Miami Beach, FL.

Chad Gadya-- "lyrics" for non-readers (doc) (assembled by Judy Cote)

Adir Hu (Realaudio, clip) performed by Cindy Paley, from her CD "A Singing Seder" available at

L'Shana Ha-ba-ah B'Yerushalayim  (Real Audio)  performed by Robin Selinger ("basement" recording)

Pharoah Pharoah (RealAudio, clip) by Mah Tovu, available at or

Click here for "Pharoah Pharoah" lyrics, chords

Note: this one is sung to the tune of "Louie, Louie" and is a major kids' favorite!

Who Knows One (RealAudio) performed by J. Leo Selinger, age 11 ("basement" recording)

Who Knows One lyrics (html)

TEN PLAGUES IN EGYPT LAND (sheet music, pdf)   by Peter and Ellen Allard, available at

Plague cards (pdf) to use with this song in music class, by Lisa Baydush

By Carol Boyd Leon, from her "Gan Shirim" songbook and double-CD available at

 or at Carol's web page.

Frogs! (mp3)  audio

Frogs-Sheet music (pdf)

By Doni Zasloff Thomas, lead singer for the Mama Doni band.

   From the CD, "I Love Herring (and Other Fish Shticks for Kids)" available at

   Rasta in Pasta (mp3)

We are all on the Seder Plate (RealAudio)     Complete Lyrics (pdf)   by Julie Lipson 

Moses' Two Mamas (sheet music, pdf) by Ros Schwartz

More free sheet music for Passover:

 Chad Gadya (pdf) traditional

 Dayenu  (pdf)  traditional

 Four Questions-Mah Nishtana (pdf)  traditional

 Go Down Moses  (pdf)  spiritual  

 Hodu (pdf) folk melody

 Lyrics for lots of traditional Passover melodies assembled by Sue Marx

 Click here for more Pesach songs and some listening links from the Zemerl database


Barry Louis Polisar writes books and music for children. Barry Lou's website:

Telling the Story: A Passover Hagaddah Explained (pdf) A complete Hagaddah available for download. Thanks, Barry Lou!

Or purchase a copy at this link:    

Barry Louis Polisar has re-told the Passover story in this brand new Hagaddah that not only tells the story, but gives the background on the spiritual origins of the holiday traditions. With illustrations by Barry's daughter, Sierra.

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