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Jewish music for kids...Free mp3 and RealAudio...Listen and enjoy!

Brought to you by Robin Selinger, music teacher and Cantorial Soloist, Temple Beth Shalom of Hudson, OH

Look for this symbol for Sunday School favorites.


Visit our sister site for the hottest new tunes from the Hava Nashira songleaders' community. Also check out and Zemerl for a wealth of Jewish music lyrics and other resources.

Music for holidays, featuring audio tracks and sheet music:

Music for High Holidays            Music for Chanukah                 

Music for Purim and Tu B'shvat    Music for Passover

FREE JEWISH SHEET MUSIC     Must-have songbooks

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 Peter and Ellen Allard

From the CD "Pizza Pizzazz" available at

    Celtic Hinei Mah Tov (mp3)  Lyrics   Accompanying Instructions
From the CD "Sing Shalom: Songs for the Jewish Holidays" available at and URJ Books and Music
     We sing Shabbat, We Sing Shalom (mp3)      There are Ten  (Real Audio)
Click to hear more sound clips or buy recordings at

   The Allards' home page

      TEN PLAGUES IN EGYPT LAND (sheet music, PDF)   

          Plague Cards (pdf) to use with "Ten Plagues...", courtesy of Lisa Baydush
     It's a Brand new Day/Modeh Ani (sheet music, PDF)

      Open My Lips (sheet music, PDF)

     Shofar Blast (RealAudio)     Note: Demo version not for broadcast!

     Shofar Blast - Sheet music (pdf)    


Sheet Music:  Shavua Tov Tov Tov (pdf)     We Kindle the Lights (pdf)


More free sheet music from Peter and Ellen Allard


Fran Avni

Click HERE to listen to Fran's albums for free online at the amazing Judaica Sound Archives

 From the CD "Rhythm and Rhyme Time: Snappy Songs for Little Learners"  available at

          All the Trees are Standing (mp3)   All the Trees are Standing-lyrics

  From the CD "The Seventh Day" available at

     Once Upon a Time (Realaudio)

  From the CD "Israel World Beat" available at

     Down in the Garden (Realaudio)

  From the CD "Latkes and Hamentashen" available at

     The Chanukiah (How Many Candles)  (Realaudio)

Lisa Baydush (also see Shir Synergy) contact at

Lead Sheets...   On Yom Kippur (pdf)   Itís Rosh Hashanah (pdf)  Shalom Chaverim (pdf)

                                      Chanukah's Here (pdf)   Havdallah Song (pdf)   Purim Purim (pdf)

                       Sing, Dance, Jump, and Shout (pdf)    Halleluyah (pdf)

 --> Lots more free downloads at

Cantor Chanin Becker
Featured on the website of Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont and Emanu-El, these traditional melodies are chanted slowly to help young learners preparing for bar/bat mitzvah.  To hear all the tracks go to Cantor Becker's MUSIC PAGE.
    Shabbat Candle Blessing (mp3)  Hebrew/transliteration
    V'ahavta (mp3)    Transliteration

    Chatsi Kaddish (mp3) [a.k.a. חצי קדיש , Hatzi Kaddish, Reader's Kaddish]

    Torah Blessings (Before and after reading)  (mp3)

    Blessing before reading Haftorah (mp3)   Blessing after reading Haftorah (mp3)
Michamocha by Debbie Friedman (mp3)    
    Click for more Shabbat prayers

Cantor Stuart Binder

From the CD "Shabbat Workshop" available at ...

Shalom Rav (composed by Rabbi Dan Freelander and Cantor Jeff Klepper)

Oseh Shalom (composed by Nurit Hirsch)  Motzi         Hinei Mah Tov (traditional, round)   

Lo Yisa Goy (composed by Shalom Altman) V'Shamru (composed by Moshe Rothblum)     

Eile Chamda Libi (Chassidic Folk song)     Hashiveinu       Aleinu

Rabbi Joe Black
From the CD "Aleph Bet Boogie" available at and
    Judah Maccabee (mp3)
From the CD "Good Morning, Good Night" available at Transcontinental
Hiney Mah Tov (mp3, sample)  This is the one with echo responses.

Rachel Buchman
From the CD "Jewish Holiday Songs for Children" available at and
Where is Baby Moses? (RealAudio)   Al Take! (Let's Not Fight)  (RealAudio)
     Shalom, Shalom (Realaudio)   I Can Bake a Honey Cake (for Rosh Hashanah) (RealAudio)
    Tapuchim U'dvash (Realaudio)      Let's Be Friends (RealAudio)
See Rachel Buchman's CD "Shine Little Candles: Chanukah Songs for Children" and hear clips at

Camp Newman/Camp Swig

NEW!  Kol Yisrael (We Are All Connected)  (mp3)    Lyrics and credits
From the CD "Shir L'Yom Chadash: A Song for a New Day"  available at
The Tree Song by Josh Miller (RealAudio, clip)
     Modeh Ani (RealAudio)

Cathy and Marcy

From the CD "All Wound Up! A Family Music Party" available at

     Mayim Mayim  (Realaudio)

Chabad Brazil-unidentified artist
    This online library features several traditional melodies set to funky disco-style arrangements. Very kid friendly!
     Lecha Dodi (RealAudio)     Lecha Dodi (mp3)
     Oseh Shalom (RealAudio)   Oseh Shalom (mp3)
     Adon Olam (RealAudio)      Adon Olam (mp3)

Chanukah at Home
From the CD "Chanukah at Home" available at
Chanukah Oh Chanukah ( mp3 download page)

Cantor Kenneth Cohen sings traditional Shabbat melodies. Click for more Shabbat prayers.  Featured on the website of Temple Sholom in Greenwich, CT.
    Mah Tovu (mp3)  Sh'ma (mp3) (version by Pik)

Cantor Erik Contzius of Temple Israel New Rochelle
See Cantor Contzius'  CD, "How Excellent is Thy Name" available at and , and "Shalom Rav" sheet music available at Transcontinental.

Laura Copel

Wonders All Around (mp3)    sheet music (pdf)

If Animals Pray/Oseh Shalom (mp3)   sheet music (pdf)

Every Apple Has a Star (mp3)    sheet music (pdf)

V'Shamru (mp3)    sheet music (pdf)

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Karen Daniel

From the CD "Teachable, Singable, and Jewish: The Family Album," available at

  This is the Day (The Bo-Bo song) (m3u)  Lyrics and dance steps (pdf)

 Ein K'Eloheinu (m3u)  Evening Chant (m3u) More clips online at
From the CD "Teachable, Singable, and Jewish: Songs for Shabbat & Holidays" available at
   Shabbat Blessings (mp3)    Do Havdallah (RealAudio) Tu B'Shevat Cha Cha (RealAudio)
   The Beautiful Seder Plate (RealAudio)  What Holiday (RealAudio)
From the CD "Breaking the Lock" available at
    You Are There  (RealAudio)   Y'varech'cha (RealAudio)    Sing a Song About a Rainbow (RealAudio)  Open Your Hand(RealAudio)

From the collection CD "Celebrate Passover" available at

    Tell the Story (RealAudio)  a setting of Avadim Hayinu

From the CD "Teachable, Singable, and Jewish: This Is How We Pray" available at

     Praised Be the One (RealAudio, CLIP) an English/Hebrew setting of the Bar'chu

    Morning Has Come-Modeh Ani  (mp3, sample)     Open my Lips  (mp3, sample)  

Doda Mollie, is Mollie Wine.

From the CD "Chanukah Pajamikah" available at

    Chanukah Chag Yafeh (RealAudio CLIP)

Cantor Lisa Doob of  Temple Anshe Sholom, Olympia Fields, IL

    The Shofar Song  (RealAudio)       I Go To The Sukkah   (RealAudio)        What Do We Do On Shabbat? (RealAudio)

   Grow, Little Seed-Sheet Music (pdf)

Billy Dreskin

   The Maccabees (mp3)   Sheet music and background info

  Potato Latkes (mp3)         Sheet music and background info

Steve Dropkin

 Shanah Tovah-sheet music (pdf)  Time to Reflect-sheet music (pdf)   Ki Mitzion-sheet music (pdf)

Alan Eder and Friends

From the CD "Reggae Passover" (click for more songs) available at

Also on the CD "Celebrate Passover (click for more songs)" available at

    Go Down Moses

Gerard Edery and Peninnah Schram
From the CD "The Minstrel and the Storyteller" available at
     Story with music: Why Joha Never Got Married (RealAudio)

Marge Eiseman with Kathy Gohr
   This Night (mp3) A Chanukah song, melody and lyrics by Marge Eiseman  (c) 2002
     This Night-Lyrics &  Chords (html)

From Marge's CD "We Are All Connected,"  available at
     Rosh Chodesh Chant (RealAudio)

Sue Epstein

From the CD "Nu!?!? from Sue" available at
Tree of Life  (RealAudio) composed by Cantor Richard Silverman of Temple Israel, Westport, CT

                             Note: Cantor Silverman's new songbook will be published soon.

      Hinei Rakevet  (RealAudio)           Ki Eshmera Shabbat  (RealAudio)

From the CD "I've got that Shabbat Feeling" available at  and
Heveinu  (RealAudio clip)  composed by David Feingold

Judy Farber
From the CD "Mitzvah Magic" available at
      When You Give a Little Ahavah (RealAudio)       Shabbat, Shabbat  (RealAudio)

      Apples and Matzoh (RealAudio)    Shanah Tovah (RealAudio)

Jules Frankel

From the CD "Schechter Sings! with Jules Frankel," available at,

    Why must I wave (the etrog and lulav) ?  (mp3)

Dean Friedman

From the CD "A Million Matza Balls" available at

In my Sukkah (RealAudio)

Debbie Friedman's music is sung in synagogues everywhere!
From the double CD "Debbie Friedman at Carnegie Hall" available at
Also on the CD "Celebrate Chanukah" available at
Not by Might-Not by Power (RealAudio)
From the CD "Live at the Del" available at and
Alef Bet (RealAudio)     Holy Place (RealAudio)
From the CD "Shirim al Galgalim" available at and
Plant a Tree for Tu B'Shvat (RealAudio)
From the CD "Shanah Tovah - Songs For Jewish Holidays" available at and
      These are the Days (of Awe)  (RealAudio)         Purim Game (RealAudio)    613 Commandments(RealAudio)

From the CD "The Journey Continues" available at

Also on the CD "Celebrate Passover" (click for more songs)   available at

Miriam's Song

From the CD "And You Shall Be a Blessing" available at and

L'chi Lach      Kadish D'rabanan  Mishebeirach    T'filat Haderech  Elohai

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Cantor Marcelo Gindlin

From the CD "Tot Shabbat with Cantor Marcelo"

    Shir Shalom  (RealAudio)  Music by Steve Rucker, Lyrics by Marcelo Gindlin

Lyrics: Havah nashira shir shalom (x2), shir shalom lechah, shir shalom, amen. Shir shalom, al kol Am Yisrael (x2); Come and sing a song for peace, come and sing a song for everyone. Come and sing a song for peace, for a better life, for a better world, where we can sing in love.

    Set The Table   (RealAudio)      Welcome to Malibu (mp3)

Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Click HERE to listen to Judy's albums for free online at the amazing Judaica Sound Archives
From the CD "Havdallah Pajama" available at and
Birkat Havdallah(Real Audio)     (This familiar prayer was written by Debbie Friedman.)
Soup Song(Real Audio)       Thank You God (Real Audio) 
From the CD "Amazing Songs for Amazing Jewish Children" available at
    Shema Lullaby (Real Audio)

Hear the whole album here online!
From the CD "Shalom Yeladim" available at and
David Melech Yisrael (Real Audio) Bim Bam/Sim Shalom(Real Audio) Lo Yisa Goy(Real Audio)
Hine Ma Tov(Real Audio)  Hamotzi(Real Audio) Torah Tzeevah Lanu Moshe (mp3)
See Judy's newest CD "My Jewish World" and hear clips at Transcontinental or

Kathy Gohr   

  Bedtime Prayer (RealAudio)

   Sukkat Shalom (RealAudio)

   Kathy's ice bowls are amazing!   Here's a photo of  Kathy's Halloween masterpiece .

Lisa Ann Green

    I'm Sorry-Yom Kippur Blues (mp3)   Sheet music (pdf)    Lyrics (pdf)

Robyn Helzner  Robyn's website:

Robyn's recordings are available at and also through
From the CD "Clap Your Hands-Songs for Shabbat and Playtime" available at
      Shubi Dubi (mp3)   Shabbat Menucha (RealAudio, sample)

From the CD "I Live in the City-More Songs for Shabbat and Playtime," available at

    I live in the City (Realaudio, sample)    Hine Mah Tov (mp3)

Elana Jagoda

From the CD Zum Gali Gali available at  , see also
     Sim Shalom
(mp3) - A great new melody for camp, religious school tefilah, and family services. 
     Shalom Chaverim
(mp3) - A new melody to a classic goodbye song

More audio samples available at

Flory Jagoda
From the CD "Celebrate Hanukkah" available from
Ocho Kandelikas (RealAudio)
Find other CD's by Flory Jagoda at

Judaica Sound Archives    Listen online to the pioneers of Jewish kids' music!

From the website: "This project seeks to provide children, parents and teachers with access to the work of pioneers in the field of Jewish childrenís music. Recorded by the Gewirtz Family and others from the early 1950ís through 1970, these recordings teach children about Jewish family traditions using a combination of songs and stories." See profiles of the performers at this link.

Andi Joseph is also known as "The Musical Mommy."
From the CD "It's Seder Time" available at and
     Ma-ma-ma-Matza(Real Audio)        Mah Nishtana, The Four Questions  (Real Audio)

From the CD "I've Got a Shabbat Feeling" available at and
    Twinkle Kochavim  (Real Audio)   It's Shabbat and I Feel Good (Real Audio)
    I've Got a Shabbat Feeling   (Real Audio)    There's a Dinosaur   (Real Audio)

From the CD "It was a Miracle" available at and
    The Letters on the Dreidel (Real Audio)  Chazak V'Ematz (Real Audio)

Dan Jurkowitz

From the CD "Shirim Bamidbar" (Songs in the Desert) available at

Sukkah Boogie

Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage in Washington, DC offers free download of archived performances in streaming video. Look for shows by Rachel Buchman, Billy Jonas, and many more!

Kavannah is a teen group led by Craig Parks at Temple Solel of Encinitas, California.

From the CD "Teen Shabbat Jam" available by email from Craig at

     Mi Chamocha and Miriam's Song [(c) Debbie Friedman]  (Real Audio)

     V'Shamru (Real Audio)    

Steve Klaper

  Steve's home page  (includes many music samples!)

New for Chanukah:

    Light the Lights of Chanukah (mp3)   Light the Lights of Chanukah-sheet music (pdf)

Cantor Jeff Klepper
From the CD "In This Place" available from, Transcontinental and
Niggun (RealAudio)    Empty Chair(mp3)
From the CD "Jeff Klepper Live in Concert" available from Transcontinental, and

      In every generation (mp3, clip)
Shalom Aleichem (RealAudio, clip) (Note--This is the country waltz version!)
Free sheet music from Jeff's website
    I Will Plant for My Children (pdf)

More free sheet music

    We Are Counting (pdf)  

    Blessing for Social Justice  (pdf)

Kol B'Seder is Cantor Jeff Klepper and Rabbi Dan Freelander.
   Mi Y'Maleil(Doot-doot)  (RealAudio) This song was written by Debbie Friedman, and you can find her performance (with no doot-doots) on "Not by Might" available at on cassette only. Click here for a RealAudio clip from Debbie's version.

From the CD "Good Morning, Good Night" available at and Transcontinental:

Modeh Ani  (RealAudio)  Everybody's favorite classic version of this traditional prayer for the morning. A more recent recording is on the CD "Songs for Growing" also available at both Transcontinental and

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Joanie Leeds

From the Parents' Choice Award Winning  "City Kid" available at

I've Been Working on the Railroad/Hinei Rakevet (mp3)


and some new songs...

Shalom, Shalom (mp3)  Shalom, Shalom-lyrics and chords (pdf)

I Wanna be a Mensch (mp3)    I Wanna be a Mensch-lyrics and chords (pdf)

Carol Boyd Leon
These songs are from the terrific "Gan Shirim" (A Garden of Songs) collection of 70 songs Carol wrote for kids to sing. Available are a double-CD, a companion 160-page songbook edited by Adrian Durlester, and an  instrumental-only accompaniment double-CD.  Available at

   The Maccabees   (mp3, sample)  Sheet music (pdf)
   Halleluyah Hoedown (for youth choirs)
(mp3)Sheet music (pdf)
   Hey, Hey, What do you Say  (to start your Purim celebration)(mp3)   ∑ Sheet music (pdf)   ∑ Lyrics (html)
   I'm All Shook Up  (a Sukkot rock & roll song for all ages) (mp3)   ∑ Sheet music (pdf)

   I'm Sorry (a Yom Kippur song) (mp3)   ∑ Sheet music (pdf)
   I Wanna Be A Tree (mp3)

   Noah, oh Noah  (mp3)    ∑ Sheet music (pdf)
   Sabbath Peace/Niggun (for adults, too) (mp3)  ∑ Sheet music (pdf)
   Sleepytime Sh'ma (mp3)   ∑ Sheet music (pdf)


Click HERE to visit and access dozens more audio samples from the double-CD set.

From "Songs From The Heart: Family Shabbat" CD and songbook
   Shalom Shabbat Shalom (mp3)      The Children's Sh'ma (mp3)
"Home"-recorded mp3:
Shehechianu (mp3)  (an upbeat, high-energy SAB choral setting arranged by Adrian
CDs and songbooks--including Jewish Life Cycle--are available at Carol's
,, and Also, several
choral arrangements are available at Carol's website.

 Ira Levin    Uncle Eye's home page 

  Captain Tree (YouTube video)   Captain Tree (mp3)      Captain Tree-lyrics

   That's the Aleph Bet  (mp3)    lyrics (pdf)

   L'Shana Tova (mp3)     lyrics (pdf)

Nancy Linder
From the CD "My Favorite Hebrew Songs" available at
Shalom Rav (Realaudio, clip)
      Hatikvah  (Realaudio, clip, not quite complete)
See Nancy's CD "Songs of the Jewish Spirit" and hear sound clips at

Susan Shane-Linder and Friends, a.k.a. Singin' with Susan

From the CD "Singin' Shabbat! with Susan" available at

      Heyveynu Medley (Realaudio)

      One Mitzvah (Realaudio)    [a Susan Shane-Linder original!]

      Sim Shalom/Hiney Mah Tov (Realaudio)

      Shalom Shabbat (Realaudio) [words, music by Jackie Cytrynbaum , who is not only a songwriter

          but also a  noted artist/photographer! Click here to see her recent work.]

Susan Shane-Linder's other albums and more audio clips are available at

Gordon Lustig

      All Shook Up-Demo version (mp3) - a fun parody for Sukkot     All Shook Up-Lyrics (pdf)

       Just So Sheet music (pdf) Copyright 2003 Gordon Lustig
   Aseret Ha-Dibrot (Ten Commandments) Sheet music (pdf)  Copyright 2002 Gordon Lustig (and colleague)
     Look at Me (I'm a Tree) Sheet music (pdf)  Copyright 2003 Gordon Lustig

The Marvelous Toy a.k.a. Marc Rossio.

New... From the CD "L'Chaim, to Life!" available at

    Oogiot (mp3, sample)       Boker Tov (mp3, sample)  L'chaim-To Life! (mp3, sample)   

    My Silent Prayer (mp3, whole track)  bonus! --> free sheet music-My Silent Prayer

Mah Tovu is  Steve Brodsky, Ken Chasen and Josh Zweiback.

    Pharoah Pharoah (RealAudio, clip) by Mah Tovu, single CD available at or

Click here for "Pharoah Pharoah" lyrics, chords

Note: this one is sung to the tune of "Louie, Louie" and is a major kids' favorite!

    From the CD "Turn it", available at or,

       L'chu N'ranana (realaudio, clip)

    See more recordings available at

Mama Doni is Doni Zasloff Thomas, lead singer for the Mama Doni band.

   New! From the CD "Chanukah Fever" available at

   Chanukah Fever (mp3)    Latke Man (mp3)    La Vida Dreidel (mp3)  


   From the CD, "I Love Herring (and Other Fish Shticks for Kids)" available at

    Sportin' My Kippah (mp3, clip)      Oy Veh (mp3)       Spilkes (mp3)     Rasta in Pasta (mp3)

    Shofar Blowin' Band (mp3)     Jewperheroes (mp3)     Bagel Time (mp3)

Cindy Michelassi is a teacher and songleader in Chicago's western suburbs.
    R'fuah Shleimah (mp3) A lovely prayer for healing, ideal for kids' Shabbat services (sheet music in Manginot II!) 

       R'fu'ah Shleimah (KARAOKE!)  Karaoke-- melody with sing-along lyrics     

       Sheleg Yoreid- Snow is Falling (pdf)  Sheet Music

    Sheleg Yoreid-Snow is Falling (KARAOKE!)  Karaoke--melody with sing-along lyrics

     Need a karaoke player? Try Their free player also plays midi files. Plus you can adjust the tempo and transpose to your favorite key. If you use it to play a song with full orchestration, you can switch different instruments off/on in real time.

Rabbi Larry Milder

       From the CD "On my Block," available at, and also on collection CD "Celebrate Kids" available at (part of the Celebrate Series) and at
      Wherever You Go (There's always someone Jewish!)  (m3u)

Marcy Mirkin
      Light the Candles (mp3) A Chanukah song for ages 3-7   sheet music (pdf)
      Five Brothers Maccabee (mp3)  sheet music (pdf)

Chuck a songleader, music teacher, sukkah taker-a-parter, and Hebrew teacher at Congregation Anshai Emeth in Peoria, Illinois.

Home-made mp3's of Chuck's original songs, plus sheet music

     Achshav (mp3)                 sheet music (pdf)        B'vakasha (mp3)              sheet music (pdf)

     Counting Song (mp3)       sheet music (pdf)        Eyn Chayim (mp3)            sheet music (pdf)

     Stop, Look, Listen (mp3) sheet music (pdf)

Jill Moskowitz

    Mi Zot Ba'ah Min ha-Megillah--sheet music  (pdf)   A great new kids' song for Purim!

From the CD "Miracles: Chanukah and Passover Songs for Kids" available at and at  Cassette available at at a discount price.
S'vivon(RealAudio)     Avadim Hayinu (RealAudio)    Dayenu(RealAudio)

Oy Baby!

Here is a fun CD and accompanying video meant just for Jewish babies! Listen to these tracks:

        Shavuah Tov (mp3)     ZumGaliGali (mp3) 

See clips from the video:

    Smaller video clip   or  Bigger video clip   

CD and DVD or VHS available at

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Cindy Paley

Click HERE to listen to Cindy's albums for free online at the amazing Judaica Sound Archives
From the CD "Yavo Shalom" available at
Od Yavo Shalom  (RealAudio, clip)
From the CD "Eizeh Yom Sameach:What a Happy Day!" available at
Af Peh Ozen  (RealAudio)          Mishpacha Song  (RealAudio)

From the CD "A Singing Seder" available at

      Adir Hu (Realaudio, clip)

Barry Louis Polisar writes books and music for children. Barry Lou's website:

Telling the Story: A Passover Hagaddah Explained (pdf) A complete Hagaddah available for download. Thanks, Barry Lou!

Or purchase a copy at this link:    

Barry Louis Polisar has re-told the Passover story in this brand new Hagaddah that not only tells the story, but gives the background on the spiritual origins of the holiday traditions. With illustrations by Barry's daughter, Sierra.

Wayne Potash

(It took Him) Six Days to Make the World (mp3)      words and music by Wayne Potash  copyright 2009 
Six Days to Make the World-lyrics and chords (pdf)

Rahel is also known as Ann Rachel.
From the CD "YOUR CHILD NEEDS MUSIC: 66 Songs and Rhymes sung in Hebrew," available by mail order (contact:
     Mi Sheh Tov Lo (If You're Happy and You Know it)  (RealAudio)
     Mi Sheh Tov Lo (If You're Happy and You Know It) (mp3)
     Mi Sheh Tov Lo-Lyrics and translation (pdf)


      Numi Numi (Sleep, sleep)  (RealAudio)    Numi Numi (mp3)
     Numi Numi-Lyrics, chords, and translation (pdf)
     Numi Numi sheet music (pdf, transcribed by Robin Selinger from Rahel's recording)


      Dode Moshe (Old MacDonald)  (RealAudio)
     Dode Moshe (Old MacDonald)  (mp3)
     Dode Moshe (Old MacDonald)-Lyrics and translation (pdf)

A companion CD in English is also available.  Find more of Ann Rachel's recordings at

Miss Roberta

From the CD "Shalom Kids,"  available at CD Baby

    Say Shalom (mp3)

Rick Recht

   From the CD "Shabbat Alive" available at and also on the collection CD "Celebrate Kids," available at (part of the Celebrate Series)

           Salaam  (RealAudio)

Sally and the Daffodils

From the CD "Put a Smile On Your Face" available by contacting Sally at

    Dreidel Spinning Top (RealAudio)    a fun tune for Chanukah!

    Kids' Klez (RealAudio)   A kids' klezmer medley featuring "David Melech Yisrael" and "Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem."

From the CD "Tap Your Feet to a Jewish Beat" available at
      Shabbababat (Realaudio, clip)        Shehechianu  (Realaudio, clip)

Linda Salvay

   Shabbat Shalom--sheet music (pdf)

     Be Happy, It's Adar--sheet music (pdf)

Robin Selinger home-made mp3's of traditional/folk melodies
     Modeh Ani (mp3)      Haneirot Hallalu (RealAudio) Rise and Shine (mp3)

      Eili Eili (Realaudio) [music written by David Zahavi, lyrics by Hannah Szenesh]

Elaine Serling

New: "Bubbe's Baby" book and CD single available at

     audio clip from Bubbe's baby  full track available at

From the CD "Sing and Celebrate" available at

  Come Sing a Song With Me (RealAudio)           Colors of the Rainbow (RealAudio)

  Shavuah Tov  (RealAudio)  Male vocalist is Roger Jamison. This lovely melody is for kids, teens, or adults.

      Shavua Tov-SheetMusic (pdf)

From the CD "Join the Circle" available at

   Time To Celebrate-Join the Circle (RealAudio)

   Light the Lights (RealAudio)       Think About the People  (RealAudio)

   Click here for more music clips from Elaine's website

Robyn Shippel- Shabbat Rocks  samples from the new album

Lecha Dodi (mp3)   Zum Gali (mp3)  David Melech (mp3)   Bim Bam (mp3)  Hiney Mah Tov (mp3)   Shalom Chaveirim  (mp3)

Shabbat Blessings for: candles(mp3)   wine(mp3)    bread (mp3)   children (mp3)

The Shirettes

New! From the CD "Sunny Days" available at

   Modeh Ani (mp3 clip)  Words and music by Ditza Zakay

   Boker Tov (mp3 clip)   Words and music by Marc Rossio

From the CD "Cha Cha Chanukah" available at cdbaby

A 2005 Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner!

    Featuring Sue Epstein, Judy Farber, and Ditza Zakay, joined by Troy Dexter

    and special back-up vocals by Cantor Marcelo Gindlin

    Cha Cha Chanukah (mp3 clip)       

   Hanukkah in Santa Monica (mp3 clip) Words and music by Tom Lehrer
From the CD "Friends B'Yachad" available at cdbaby

Featuring Cindy Paley, Judy Farber, Sue Epstein, Ditza Zakay, Pearl B, joined by Troy Dexter)
      Shabbat Shabbat (mp3 Clip)   Artik Menta (mp3 Clip)   Etzbaote (mp3 Clip)

 Shir Synergy (a.k.a. Lisa Baydush, Audrey Katz, and Barry Astrow) Contact: Lisa Baydush,

   Chanukah's Here (mp3)  Sheet Music (pdf)

From the CD "Find the Sunshine" available at

   Triumph of Spirit  (mp3)      Jewish Holiday Rap (mp3) 

     Purim Purim  (mp3)   Sheet Music (pdf)  Lyrics (html)

   Havdalah song (pdf)  Sing, Dance, Jump, and Shout (pdf)    Halleluyah (pdf)

From the CD "Sing a Song" available at

   Light Eight Candles (mp3) 

  Extras: sheet music (pdf)    video (wmv)  classroom cards (pdf)

Note-- Lots more clips, sheet music, videos and other extras available at

Joel Simon  Rabbinical Student and Songwriter
     Snack Blessing:Borei Minei M'zonot (mp3) This one's a keeper!  Kids will adore this
     very cool setting of the traditional blessing. Thanks, Joel!
     Snack Blessing-Lyrics and Chords (pdf)

Donna Spencer-The Beach Bubbe!

     In the Beginning--sheet music (pdf)

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Cantor Ramon Tasat of Temple Shalom, Chevy Chase, MD
From the CD "Fiesta Sefarad" available at Sephardic House,  at,

or by mail using Cantor Tasat's order form
     Yom Ze Le Israel (RealAudio)       Ki Eshmera Shabbat (RealAudio)

Craig Taubman
From the CD "Friday Night Live" available at,, and
     Adonai S'fatai (Real Audio)           L'cha Dodi  (mp3)
The "Celebrate Series" is produced by Craig Taubman. Listen online to these great CD's with performances featuring many talented artists with diverse musical styles. Most offer complete tracks for online listening.
       "Celebrate Shabbat" CD
       "Celebrate Kids" CD  
       "Celebrate Hanukkah" CD
       "Celebrate Passover" CD 

       "Celebrate Peace" CD 

Jewish Midi files online!

Online Music Retailers

Transcontinental Music Publications is the world's largest publisher of Jewish music, including songbooks, choral & sheet music and recordings, and is a division of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Transcontinental publishes the indispensable Complete Shireinu as well as the Shireinu chordster and lyrics-only Shireinu songbook. They also publish Manginot, a great collection of Jewish songs for kids, and Gates of Song, music for Shabbat. Songleaders working with teens will definitely want to get the Ruach 5761 & 5763 songbook which comes with two CD's...Also makes a great Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift! has an amazing listening station and audio library where you can listen to hundreds of tunes in RealAudio format. Plus you can order just about any Jewish recording ever made! Just search under the artist's name or song title. posts many songs and clips for online listening in their excellent resource, Sounds Online. Plus you can order from their catalog of the very best Jewish CD's and songbooks by more than 100 artists, including a long list of music for kids. Check out their selection of special purchases at unbelievable prices, or play the popular "Name that Tune" game to win a free tape or CD!

Need sheet music in a hurry? For a small fee, Soundswrite can send sheet music by fax or via email (in PDF format.) For information, phone 1-800-976-8639 or send email to

Sound clips online
Sometimes a sound clip is all you need to jog your musical memory!

Julie Silver
From the CD "From Strength to Strength" available at
      Sim Shalom (mp3 clip)     Sim Shalom (Realaudio clip)
From the CD "Together" available at
      I am All Around (mp3 clip)   I am All Around (Realaudio clip)
From the CD "Walk With Me" available at
      Shir chadash (mp3 clip)     Shir Chadash(Realaudio clip)

Paul Zim

From the CD "Seder Nights" available at

The Frog Song 


MUST-HAVE SONGBOOKS for songleaders, music teachers, and Jewish musicians everywhere

The Complete Shireinu-350 Fully Notated Jewish Songs  published by   Transcontinental Music

Shireinu: Our Songs  (Chordster, lyrics/chords only)  published by Transcontinental Music

Shireinu Songbook (lyrics only)   published by Transcontinental Music

Ruach 5761 & 5763 Songbook published by Transcontinental Music       

The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children: Manginot  published by Transcontinental Music

Gates of Song: Music for Shabbat published by Transcontinental Music  



Calling all artists welcomes your contributions of home-made or professional recordings of any Jewish melody for kids. Send your mp3's and web-links to Robin Selinger, .

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