Songs for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot


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L'Shana Tova T'kateivu  (wav) from

Tapuchim U'dvash (Realaudio) ....Rachel Buchman

Shofar Blast  (RealAudio) ... Peter and Ellen Allard  --Demo version not for broadcast

Shofar Blast - Sheet music (pdf) ... Peter and Ellen Allard

The Shofar Song  (RealAudio)   .....Cantor Lisa Doob

Just So  (sheet music, pdf)  ........Gordon Lustig

These are the Days (of Awe)  (RealAudio)  .....Debbie Friedman

Let's Be Friends (RealAudio) ....Rachel Buchman

Al Take! (Let's Not Fight)  (RealAudio) ....Rachel Buchman

I'm Sorry (sheet music, pdf)....Carol Boyd Leon

In my Sukkah ....Dean Friedman

I Go To The Sukkah  (RealAudio) ....Cantor Lisa Doob

A Sukkah, A Sukkah (RealAudio) ....Rachel Buchman

All Shook Up-Demo version (mp3) - a fun Elvis parody for Sukkot by Gordon Lustig

I'm all Shook Up (brought to you by... the lulav!) (sheet music, pdf)....Carol Boyd Leon

Why must I wave (the etrog and lulav) ?  (mp3)....Jules Frankel

Apples and Matzoh (RealAudio) ...Judy Farber

Shanah Tovah (RealAudio) ...Judy Farber


For more songs to hear online, see also Judaica Sound Archives- JSA's Children's Music Project


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