Music for Tu B'Shvat and Purim


A traditional melody for Purim: Utsu Eitsa/Plan your Evil Plans

    Utsu-Eitsa sheet music (pdf)

       Utsu-Eitsa (mp3) Funky version recorded by Listen Up! A capella


Nosh Nosh a Hamantash by Shirley Cohen, recorded by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

(Note: Scroll down the music player to find it.)


Purim Purim (pdf) by Lisa Baydush


The Whole Megillah (pdf)  by Peter and Ellen Allard


Easy Purim "piggy-back songs" (Purim lyrics, sung to familiar melodies) from Lisa Baydush


Easy Tu B'Shvat "piggy-back songs" (Tu B'Shvat lyrics, sung to familiar melodies) from Lisa Baydush


For Purim, from  Jill Moskowitz   

   Mi Zot Ba'ah Min ha-Megillah--sheet music  (pdf)   A great new kids' song!


New, from Carol Boyd Leon,  from the double CD/songbook "Gan Shirim"

For Purim...  Hey, Hey, What do you Say  (to start your Purim celebration)(mp3)   Sheet music (pdf)   Lyrics (html)
For Tu B'Shvat...  I Wanna Be A Tree (mp3)  and    Tu, Tu, Tu B'shevat  (mp3)


Be Happy, It's Adar--sheet music (pdf)     by Linda Salvay


Judy Caplan Ginsburgh , from the CD "Shalom Yeladim/Hello Children" available at

     Atse Zetim Omdim  (RealAudio, clip)  

       Chag Purim (RealAudio)   Ani Purim (RealAudio)  Mishenichnas Adar (RealAudio)


The Tree Song by Josh Miller (RealAudio, clip) From the CD "Shir L'Yom Chadash: A Song for a New Day"  available at


Rachel Buchman, from the CD "Jewish Holiday Songs for Children," available at

       Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-B'Shvat (Real Audio)    Rash Ra'ashan (Make Noise, Noise Maker/Purim) (Real Audio)

         Hop! Mayne Homentashen  (Real Audio)  

 Tu B'Shevat Cha Cha (RealAudio) by Karen Daniel, from the CD "Songs for Shabbat & Holidays" available at


Tree of Life   performed by  Sue Epstein, from the CD "Nu!?!? from Sue" available at

[composed by Cantor Richard Silverman]


Debbie Friedman

Plant a Tree for Tu B'Shvat (RealAudio) From the CD "Shirim al Galgalim" available at and
From the CD "Shanah Tovah - Songs For Jewish Holidays" available at and and

       The Tu Bishvat Song (RealAudio)     Purim Game (RealAudio)   
Vashti`s Song (RealAudio, clip) from  "Miracles and Wonders" available at and


Fran Avni, from the CD "Latkes and Hamentashen" available at

Mirror, Mirror (RealAudio)        Esther, Marry Me (RealAudio) 


Latke Hamentaschen Debate (RealAudio, clip) Rabbi Joe Black, from the CD "Everybody's got a little music" available at


Shlock Rock

from the CD "Purim Torah" available at 

     Achashverosh (RealAudio)   SEE ALSO a Purim lesson plan at

from the CD "Sgt. Shlockers Magic History" available at 

    (I can't get no ) Humentashen  (RealAudio, clip)  Lyrics available at


Peter and Ellen Allard, from the CD "Sing Shalom: Songs for Holidays," available at

     The 15Th Of Shevat (RealAudio)     Purim Parade  (RealAudio)


Mishloach Manot (RealAudio, clip)  Sally and the Daffodils, from the CD "Tap Your Feet to a Jewish Beat" available at


Purim Story  (RealAudio) Kiddush Club, from the CD "Toys" available at


You Can Change The World (RealAudio, clip)  Cindy Paley. from the CD "Celebrate with Cindy" available at
[composed by Jeff Klepper and Donald Rossoff]



    Ani_Purim (mp3) click for lyrics

    Hag_Purim (mp3) click for lyrics

    Shoshanat Ya'akov (mp3) click for lyrics

    Once there was a wicked wicked man (mp3)  click for lyrics


Cowboy Purim (RealAudio, clip) Doug Cotler, from the CD "IT'S SO AMAZING" available at


My hat it has three corners (midi)  Lyrics: My hat it has three corners, three corners has my hat, and had it not three corners, it would not be my hat! Lakova sheli shalosh pinot, shalosh pinot lakova sheli, v'imlohayu lo shalosh
pinot, lo haya ze hakova sheli!

If you hear the name of Haman [Tune: If You're Happy and You Know It] If you hear the name of Haman stomp your feet...; If you hear the name of Esther clap your hands...; If you hear the name of Ahasuerus turn around...;If you hear the name of Mordecai shout hooray...

Complas de Purim (mp3)  Shoshana Weich, lyrics online at

[This is not an easy melody but the kids can sing along on the chorus.]


Free sheet music
    I Will Plant for My Children (pdf) by Jeff Klepper  (from
    Look at Me (I'm a Tree) Sheet music (pdf)  by Gordon Lustig   ( from  Gordon's website)


Purim songs and parodies brought to you by Adrian Durlester at


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