Captain Tree


Performed by Uncle Eye and Miss Melody, see


When the world is topsy turvy,

When Iím stuck inside the grind,

I know who will save the day,

And give me peace of mind!


When the sun is beating on me,

When Iím out of lemonade,

He covers me with mighty branches

And his sidekick: Shade!


Chorus: Captain Tree, leaf your worries behind.

Climb up high- be still and you will findÖ

See the world as it was meant to be:

Free, free, free.


Who gets to the root of the problem,

Without going anywhere?

Who sends out a good vibration,

Along with good clean air?


Who can bend just like a Willow?

Who has space for honeybees?

Who upholds the nest so sweetly?

And so patiently?


If you cut him down,

We may not be around.

We need each other,

Canít you see?  Chorus.

Free, free, free.